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Singing performance of Opera-Myth in Baia Mare

Opera-Myth "Ukraine - Terra Incognita", despite all the obstacles caused by Russian aggression, continues to tell the world about the beauty and power of Ukrainian songs.

On May 31, 2023, in the Romanian city of Baia Mare, in the Greek-Catholic Church of St. Anthony of Padua, a singing performance by the creators of Opera-Myth took place.  With this performance, the opera team begins a summer cycle of tours in Europe and America.

Opera-Myth is managed by YMCA Lviv and The Wassyl Slipak Foundation. Participation in the global YMCA alliance helps us to present the opera "Ukraine – Terra Incognita" in different countries.  The invitation to Romania and the performance in Baia Mare was thanks to the support of YMCA Romania and its director Alina Pop.  In April 2022, this organization created and still manages the RO_UA Public Center to help Ukrainian refugees. Therefore, in addition to cultural figures, city residents and representatives of public organizations, there were Ukrainians at the singing event, for whom it was important and exciting to hear their native songs.


Due to the Russian attack, the opera "Ukraine – Terra Incognita" cannot perform in full.  It is difficult to collect and bring abroad an orchestra, a choreographic group, improvisational musicians, and a technical group. Some of the participants and managers of the opera are fighting on the frontline, some are rehabilitating after injuries, some are engaged in volunteering. However, the singing team continues to present Opera Myth and fulfill the mission of cultural diplomacy to support Ukraine on the international stage.


We want the world to know about our unique singing polyphony, about our songs that grow through the centuries, about our people who can protect traditions and create modern art, about our defenders who give us the opportunity to live and create now. And let us remind you that the Opera-Myth is dedicated to the singer and warrior Wassyl Slipak, who died in Russian-Ukrainian war.


The Opera-Myth singers have a June tour in Denmark with the support of the YWCA/YMCA of Aarhus and concerts in July and August in the USA (Atlanta, Austin, Detroit) with the support of the YMCA of the USA.  The performances are aimed at popularizing Ukrainian modern culture in the world, networking and fundraising for the needs of young people who suffered from Russian aggression.

Let's create a new myth together!

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