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Opera Myth National Premiere (video)

National premiere of the opera-myth "Ukraine - Terra Incognita" took place at Lviv Opera House on October 14, 2021 (Ukraine’s Defenders Day) and supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.

Watch the video:

🌿 Opera-Myth is a new Ukrainian format where folk polyphony replaces classical opera vocals, and the plot grows from the lyrics. Ancient songs that have sprouted through human destinies from generation to generation are combined with free jazz, symphonic music, contemporary choreography, abstract painting, video art and future-folk costumes.


🔶 Author and director: Uliana Horbachevska

🔶 Maria Oliynyk – music composer, Uliana Horbachevska - vocals.


  • Uliana Horbachevska
  • Mykola Bereza
  • Yaroslav Fedorchuk
  • Serhiy Badiuk
  • Marko Svizhinsky
  • Denys Ivaniv
  • Sofia Leshyshak
  • Andriana-Yaroslava Sajenko
  • Kateryna Smirnova
  • Olha Balandiukh

🔹 Orchestra: Ukrainian Festival Orchestra conducted by Taras Demko and Ivan Ostapovych

🔹 Conductor: Taras Vergun

🔹 Improvisational music:

  • Igor Hnydyn (percussion)
  • Mykhailo Balog (saxophone)
  • Ryszard Liatecky (multi-instrumentalist)

🔶 Scenography:

  • Opera artist: Volodymyr Oleschuk
  • Video art: VJ group CUBE
  • Costumes: Marta Wachholz

🔶 Choreography: Artem Shoshyn, assistant Tatiana Kuruoglu


Online broadcast provided by:

🔹 Stream: Ukr.Stream - Global Streaming Services

  • directed by Yuri Ivanyshyn and Serhiy Kalashnyk
  • Live director: Bohdan Adamchuk
  • Cameraman: Yevhen Yesaulov
  • Operators: Ihor Zhyvytskyi, Danylo Yakymiv, Taras Digas, Anna Adamchuk, Andriy Zeleny

🔹Dynamic Camera: Robert Browarny, Lukasz Nurkowski, Krzysztof Wojtczyk, Adam Zaborek

🔹Sound technical support: "Tik-Tak"

  • directed by Leonid Romaniuk
  • Technical stage engineers: Maxim Balas, Denys Vovk, Konstantin Berkov, Ivan Marun
  • Sound director: Andriy Shakhadynets
  • Stream sound director: Dmytro Starikov

🔸 Organizational teams of YMCA Lviv and Wassyl Slipak Foundation:

  • Project Manager: Oleksandra Sorokopud
  • Project Coordinator: Yurko Vovkogon
  • Coordinator of Ambassadors: Iryna Vuytsyk
  • Financial Manager: Natalia Zakharkiv
  • External Communications Manager: Orest Slipak
  • Project Consultant: Lesia Oliynyk
  • Spokeswoman: Marichka Kryzhanivska
  • PR managers: Ani Sahakyan and Yaroslava Tsetnar
  • Assistant: Alina Kylynych

A polyphony singing tradition has survived to our days in a live format in only few places in Europe - Sardinia, Corsica, Georgia and Ukraine. Ukrainian polyphony is the most valuable treasure that we must preserve and pass on to the next generations.

We dedicated the opera to the world-famous singer and Ukrainian soldier Wassyl Slipak, and intend to thank everyone who provided for the safe living and free creation.

The project is implemented by YMCA Lviv in a partnership with Wassyl Slipak Foundation, supported by the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.


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